You're part of the local economy, so you understand how important it is to keep this city vibrant and moving forward. We're doing that, too!

CO-OPs are people working together for better food, stronger communities and a healthier world.  CO-OPs provide a retail outlet for goods and services and are owned by their customer members.  The County CO-OP & Farm Store members receive a percentage discount on a majority of products offered at the CO-OP, have the right to vote at annual meetings on issues, direction and management of the CO-OP and receive newletters and notification of events.  Simply put, members are part owners.

The County CO-OP & Farm Store is important to your community because we...

  • Provide quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost to the consumer by utilizing as much local agricultural products as possible.
  • Are owned and operated by our members and exist to serve member's needs.
  • Take the capital from your CO-OP and often reinvest it back into the CO-OP and/or distribute it to meet the members' social objectives for the community.
  • Contribute to improve the health of both members and the community.
  • Serve to educate the community and surrounding population about using, preparing and cooking local food.
  • Encourage communities to be more interconnected and work together for the common good.

Houlton, Maine

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The County co-op & Farm Store 

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Good for you, good for the producers, good for the community!

Come out and find the finest local purveyors and producers of local goods. You'll feel good about being part of something bigger.

Nothing's sweeter than a fresh red apple or crisp cabbage from your own backyard. Our market's the next best thing.